Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Using a Weekly Planner can Save You Time

Do you have a mom's agenda book? I find having a book of weekly to-do list really helps to keep me sane. You might think why do I need to make the effort to write a to-do list. What if I told you that you will feel less stressed which is a constant reality for a mom. Try it. Make a to-do list everyday for a week and reflect on how it makes you feel at the end of each day.

Mom's are constantly interrupted this makes it difficult to stay focus, let alone organized. Do you find yourself blowing your whistle when your are interrupted? It is because your concentration is being disturbed. Do you feel like you live in a reactionary world? Do you want it to stop? Start by making a list of things you need to get done.

Keeping a weekly planner has the following benefits:
  • Focus - You will always have a focal point if you get distracted which will get you restarted on the task at hand.
  • Less stress
  • Remember all necessary tasks
  • Don't waste time on unimportant tasks

It doesn't matter what type of planner you use, whether its paper or digital. Just make sure you stick to using it. I prefer a combination of digital and paper because its always easier for me to write something down and transfer it to my PDA (personal digital assistant) later.

There are alot of companies which offer organizers to match a variety of needs. Franklin Covey offers a variety of paper and digital organizers. Remember the Milk is an free online organizer which even allows you to update your to-do list via phone. Another to-do list service is cozi. Check out these products to see which one you like best. I do not recommend you use a one-sheet to-do list because they are easy to lose.

Times when life got very stressful for me, my to-do list became even more valuable to me.

If you are not using a to-do list or some sort of weekly planner system, decide to start now. It can give you sanity!

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