Wednesday, July 4, 2012

How to Start a Summer Reading Program for your child

Generally, I can’t wait for summer because I get a break from homework and chaperoning my child from one activity to the next.  However, this summer after reading How to GetYour Child to be a Fanatic Reader as reported by, I am going to make sure I get my child to read 3 – 4 books over the summer.  I hope you are inspired to do the same with your child(ren).

Here’s how:

1.       Inform your child of the goal you are setting for them.
 This is a very important step.  You want to make sure your child is onboard with reading the books and accomplishing the goal even if you have to promise your child a treat or reduce his chores.  Otherwise, your child might rebel against reading.
      2.       Assess your child’s reading level.
    Just because your child is in a particular grade doesn’t mean he reads on that level.  He could read below grade-level, on grade-level or above grade-level.  By determining his reading level first, you make sure you child is not reading a book that is too hard for him because if the book is too hard your child will become frustrated and you don’t want that problem.

    To determine reading level, go to this link reading assignment test.
        3.      Help your child pick a book.
      Once you figure out your child’s reading level, help them pick out a book on their reading level.  By helping your child pick out a book instead of telling him the book you want him to read, you empower your child and make him feel as if he has a choice.  Click here to check out my summer reading list by grade.  
          4.       Schedule daily reading time. .
        So that you child has no excuse to read, let him know he must read at specific time daily.  This will help prepare his mind so that he knows what is expected of him and when.  No excuses!  Also, require he carry a book wherever he goes because you never know when he has downtime and can read a page or a paragraph.

        5.       Complete a writing assignment.
        You should consider reading the book too so that you can ask him intelligent questions about the book and make sure his answers are correct.  By questioning, him you improve his reading comprehension.    It is better to have your child complete in writing depending on their grade level.
        Reading is a great summer activity to improve reading comprehension, fluency and vocabulary which is important in school and life.

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