Friday, December 17, 2010

Start Dating Again -- Especially if you are Married

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Are you married or do you have a significant other?  I am married and when I saw the movie Date Night, I became very embarassed.  Let me tell you why.  Before we got married we went on dates and spent alot of quality time together.  Now we are married, have a child and have settled into a routine.  Is this a mistake?

I somewhere "50% of all marriages end in divorce".  Before seeing the movie Date Night, I didn't understand what all the fuss was about when people would say you need to treat your wife like your girlfriend and your husband like your boyfriend.  It means make sure you pay attention to your spouse so that you can keep then interested and attracted to you.  This is not an easy task when you have family and a household to run together, but it is vital to keeping your household and family together.

Remember, when you were dating you paid close attention to each others likes and dislikes and really got to know each other.  Do you pay attention to those things now?  If not, you should.  Remember when you used to dress in sexy lingerie to come to bed and seduce him? But now, he is lucky if he gets sex.  Well if this is you, I am sending up the red flag.  You could be headed towards divorce.

If you are looking to rekindle the flames of your marriage or relationship, then starting up a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly date night and don't put it on the back burner.  You could be saving yourself alot of stress by avoiding a divorce and loving the one you are with.  If you still not convinced, then check out the movie date night and in between the laughs see if your marriage needs a check up.

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